Parent Literacy Workshops Topic and Overview:

Fostering a love for reading and effective literacy skills is a gift that lasts a lifetime

Foundations of Reading

This workshop provides the science behind how we read and how children are tested. What is being measured? How kids decode? What is a Lexile? What is a fixation? What is grade level vocabulary? Understanding the foundations of reading will assist you in helping your child read better.

 Reading Comprehension

This workshop will provide insight on how you can help your child connect with what they are reading and give it meaning.

Topics include:

The importance of building vocabulary Strategies for before, during and after reading

How to ask questions that will encourage a deeper understanding of the text.

Writing Styles Demystified

How many writing genres are children required to learn how to write these days? What does each writing style entail? This workshop will demystify each genre and give you a clear idea on what students need to include in each one for stellar writing.

Developing Writing Skills

This workshop will introduce writing activities that activate the imagination, build a great vocabulary, and draw on events in your personal life story. By going through the steps of the writing process, parents will be able to bring their own experience of writing