Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Keeping the SEL competencies in mind, these workshops are designed based on the specific needs of the parents at your school.

For example, if test-taking has become an issue, we might organize a workshop with the How to Improve Studying Skills program to give parents the resources they need to support students in this problem area. Here are the different programs from which schools can select from. The workshops are 1 ½ hours long.

  • Behavior Management Strategies - This workshop supports families in understanding, managing, and addressing children’s sometimes challenging behaviors with proactive techniques to promote positive behavior and reduce stress.
  • Empathy and Social and Emotional Learning - This workshop provides families the opportunity to examine equity and racial injustice through the lens of social emotional learning and explores strategies for raising antiracist kids.
  • College and Career Planning - This workshop examines decision making in planning for a rewarding future in college and career.
  • Managing the Challenges of Home - This workshop addresses the challenges and anxiety experienced by many due to the challenges in managing a home. Develop new skills and gain new insights to managing a household.
  • Creating a Loving Home - Learn the fundamentals for creating a caring, supportive, empathetic, and loving household and why it’s integral to your child’s development.
  • Parenting with Emotional Intelligence - This workshop focuses on how families can connect with their children to find more peace and joy in their relationships. We touch upon strategies for strengthening the parent-child bond by being more intentional about acknowledging our feelings, being a good listener, modeling positive behaviors, and strengthening communication.
  • Conflict Resolution - Figure out how to manage conflicts, deescalate confrontations, and resolve issues quickly, safely, and amicably.
  • Supporting Your Child through Motivation - This workshop guides parents in learning effective strategies to create intrinsic motivation.
  • Supporting Your Child as a Learner - This workshop offers suggestions on how to support your child and develop effective studying skills.
  • Understanding Social Media - This workshop supports parents in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes their children need to safely navigate Social Media.